One of our repairmen fixing a clothing dryerTypically, a residential appliance functions 3-5 years before needing repairs when kept clean (no bugs inside the electronics or debris buildup in moving parts or pathways) and in normal operating conditions that allow the appliance to function as designed. Customers have reported 10-20 years without any repairs on older models. New appliances have a modern design with a lot of functionality but are manufactured using cost-saving techniques that result in limited component durability.

To make an informed repair decision, we suggested the following guideline:

Age of appliance Up to 3-7 years the appliance is considered new with regular maintenance and normal use.

Overall condition If the appliance has been used heavily for over 10 years, has obvious cosmetic wear and several parts on their last leg or extremely worn, that may malfunction in the near future, then it makes sense to replace the appliance.

Nature of repair: Minor or Major repair An experienced technician will diagnose the cause of the issue. Then, based on parts cost and labor, determine the nature of the repair needed, and provide detailed information to the customer.

Future appliance repairs A general rule to determine the feasibility of repairing: If the cost of the repair is more than half of the cost to replace, then proceeding with the repair is generally not recommended since a future repair within the next few years could render the appliance obsolete.

Cost of appliance repair A 10 to a 12-year-old washing machine that gets used heavily every day, and needs a major repair, such as replacement of transmission, motor, or control board, will typically cost $300 and up to repair. If it needs a repair in the next year or so, it might be time to replace the washing machine.

New appliances have a lot of functions, but they can be quite expensive and typically won’t last long (3-5 years) due to increased complexity and cost-saving initiatives. Our technicians will give you their honest, professional opinion, but also from a consumer standpoint, in order to prevent repair remorse. If we feel like it is not worth repairing your appliance, we will tell you upfront that it would be better to replace the appliance.

We provide stress-free repair versus replace advise for our customers, based on vast knowledge and experience in the field.

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