Appliance Troubleshooting Checklist-

The Appliance Gurus provide fast, reliable repairs on most major home appliances. Follow our appliance checklist to troubleshoot any issues you may have to avoid costly future repairs.


  • Clean the interior shelves, liner, and gaskets every 3 months.
  • Every year, clean the coils on the back or underneath the refrigerator. Check temperature controls to ensure they are set correctly. Regular maintenance is quickly and inexpensively performed and will prevent small problems from becoming larger problems. It also ensures optimal performance and a longer lifespan.
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Range & Oven

  • Do not use extra-large and heavy cooking pots or pans to avoid damaging your range burners.
  • Keep gas burner manifolds clean and clear of debris to allow proper gas distribution for reliable ignition and a safe and effective flame pattern.
  • If you have a self-cleaning oven, understand that this feature carries with it a significant risk of overheating expensive control electronics and/or wiring.
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Garbage Disposal

  • Clean the disposal by dropping a tray of ice cubes through it while running cold water. Run water during its use. This prevents stoppages.
  • Jammed Disposal: A disposal wrench is provided with new garbage disposals. There is a female receptor for the wrench on the bottom of the disposal. You will need to put the wrench in the receptor and turn it back and forth until the wrench turns freely, then press the reset button located at the bottom of the disposal if the unit will not cut on.
  • Remove stuck objects in the disposal by reaching through the sink entrance by hand or with long-nose pliers, otherwise, it will have to be dismounted.

Washer & Dryer

  • Clean the lint screen after each dryer load.